PDF Price List Updates

Efficiently and reliably extract text from PDF price lists for input to your POS, eCommerce site or wherever you need the information

Receiving PDF price list updates each year? Each quarter?

Docparser PDF parsing software was built for you. Whether you have a brick & mortar business with physical products, an eCommerce business drop shipping products from around the country, or any business that receives PDF price list updates. You can efficiently and reliably extract structured text from PDF price lists for input to your POS, eCommerce site or wherever you need the information.

Automate your workflow, and parse PDF price list files in no time

Whether your price sheet is a table with rows, or a scrolling list, you can extract the relevant pricing information in a snap. Using our fixed or variable location text filters will give you the flexibility to convert PDF to text, so that you can easily update your pricing with a CSV. Additionally you can integrate with cloud platforms and send the data to your POS, database, and other endpoints via webhook. Our smart filters will also extract information from areas on your PDF like (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.), with our built in keyword search.

What about price lists that come from suppliers or vendors in different formats?

Simply build a layout parser for each vendor or supplier. All it takes is uploading your PDF price list to the parsing software. Each different physical PDF layout, (for example: vendor specific), can be the blueprint for the layout parser using parsing rules, to convert pdf to structured text. Then all subsequent updates can be run through the unique layout parser for each vendor. Have a business vendor that is always changing up their layout? No problem, our intelligent filters, and variable text filters will allow you to search for text on the PDF, regardless of location. Even scanned PDF’s are processed, thanks to our built-in OCR software.

Try it out right now or schedule a demo

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