PDF Purchase Order Processing

Streamline your accounts receivables with automated Purchase Order processing. Eliminate manual PO entry, by extracting information directly from your PDF purchase orders and sending the data to your desired endpoint.

Receiving purchase orders is core for most businesses, but..

A different presentation of the PDF purchase order data, can be quite a headache. Many purchase orders are emailed in as a PDF attachment, some are faxed, others come in over the telephone or snail mail, and not every business has EDI set-up with their trading partners. We are going to help you automate the extraction of purchase order pdf information (or even faxed PO’s), so that your purchase order processing is a snap.

Email your PDF's or Bulk Upload, then Download, or Integrate

Getting your PDF Purchase Orders into our software is a easy, with several import options to suit your needs. Should you be receiving faxed orders, simply scan them as a PDF and our built-in OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) will translate all those characters into text. Now that you have all of your purchase orders for processing in the same format (PDF), we are ready to start creating layout parsers to transform your data into structured data that you can then send, via our integrations, to nearly any cloud platform. Or, you can download your parsed data from PDF to Excel, CSV, JSON, or XML formats. This will literally save you hours of manual PO data input each week, and make your purchase order processing headaches disappear.

Fixed or variable layout purchase orders are no problem for our PDF parsing software

Whether your goal to extract text from Purchase Order PDF’s is based on converting the text from variable positions on the document, or maybe your PDF layout is the same, with different values, you’ve got options. Our robust fixed parsing rules, and filters, with additional formatting options allow you to extract data from the same place on recurring invoices. This include tables, and singular data (dates, PO#, email address, etc.). Maybe you are getting a load of purchase orders from different clients, in different formats? You can create a layout parser for each client. Additionally, you can search the PDF for singular data that is not always/ever in the same position with our variable text and smart filters.

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