Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing

Regardless of business type, if you receive Invoices for Accounts Payable via PDF, we virtually eliminate manual input through automating data extraction during invoice processing.

Regardless of your business type, if you receive Accounts Payable or Invoices via PDF (or if you scan faxed and mailed invoices), then you can save hours of time extracting the information on them. Eliminate manual input to your POS, CRM, Xero or another accounting platform, or whatever software you need that data in. How? By parsing the invoice data with Docparser. An alternative to EDI, Docparser adds another level of flexibility to your tool set.

Our Invoice processing solution provides flexible options

There are essentially 2 ways to utilize our PDF parsing software for your invoice processing needs. Do your Invoices always have the same physical layout, just different values? Maybe your Invoices are all quite different in physical layout, and you are looking to extract similar items from each invoice (Totals, Dates, Customer Name). Docparser has the ability to transform your invoice processing, and can send your accounts receivable and payable data on to your preferred endpoint via integrations, or even convert the data to JSON, XML, Excel or CSV.

Fixed layout invoice processing

What do we mean by fixed layout? A fixed layout refers to the physical placement of the data elements on the invoice. Meaning that the invoice number, the billing address, business name, purchased items table, signature, etc. are always in the same physical location coordinates, but the values of those "headers" might/will change regularly. This is when you would use our fixed location tool to define the areas, name the headers and write the rules for extraction. You also can add fixed location rules along with "Table Rows" to extract tables (with items, inventory, etc.).

Alternatively, you can use our smart fields extraction tools to define a physical location on the invoice, and it will search the area for the piece of information you seek, (Invoice total, Invoice number, Invoice date, Signature, Tax ID#, etc.). This invoice extraction feature allows you to normalize the invoice data based on certain selection criteria (Ex.. phone numbers can be changed to international format, standard format or national format based on Country). These filters are major time savers, helping you extract invoice data from regions of your PDF based on our algorithm for the invoice category.

Variable layout invoice processing

You can utilize our variable location text extraction tool to accomplish this. Simply define the general area on the invoice where the data should reside, or the entire document if it is potentially anywhere on the PDF. You can use our smart invoice tools, or you can use the variable text tool, and build filters and variables to accomplish your needs.

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