Digitalise your Brick & Mortar Business

Is your businesses running on paper? Docparser extracts key data from incoming documents and streamlines your document based processes.

Brick & Mortar businesses have additional expenses on top of sales and fulfillment

Running a service business or retail business from your Brick and Mortar location can equal loads of paperwork. Stacks of invoices, shipping notes, purchase orders, even payroll documents can fill your email inbox and overwhelm you with manual extraction of key information into your business software. We have PDF workflow solutions that free up hours of manual work, while keeping your business up-to-date and running at optimal efficiency when it comes to processing PDF files.

PDF invoices from suppliers, credit card companies, & even your cleaning company can be turned into structured data

Our flexible PDF processing software will allow you to create layout parsers for each type of PDF you receive. Invoices from a supplier, or multiple suppliers are easy, just set-up rules to define what you want to extract from the PDF (phone, email, totals, items ordered, etc.), and where it is on the PDF. Maybe the data you seek is in a table, a variable location every time, or potentially in a fixed location from each supplier, (just the totals, or specifics vary)? You have flexibility with Docparser. Set-up your layout parsers for a specific use-case, or to extract similar data points that are in varying locations on the PDF.

How do I use this converted PDF data to streamline my business?

There are countless ways to use this structured data in your business. Converted PDF data can be downloaded into CSV, Excel, JSON, and XML format. Use this for data backup, or to upload to your POS, CRM, Accounting software, wherever. Additionally, you can connect via our API and webhooks to send the data to nearly any endpoint. Our integrations allow you to send your parsed business data to hundreds of apps too. Stop the manual copy and paste, and automate your workflow. Save time and money while increasing accuracy.

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