A little about us

We provide reliable parsing and workflow automation solutions for cloud based companies

The Concept

Docparser burst onto the scene in July, 2016 as demand for a reliable PDF parsing and workflow automation solution was needed from our core mailparser.io client base. The mailparser.io team is recognized for exceptional parsing knowledge, customer service & product innovation. We take great pride in being the go-to solution for businesses from a wide range of industries.


Docparser has taken a similar approach with our document parsing solution. We launched in July, did a couple of massive marketing initiatives, and on-boarded mountains of clients right out of the gates. What we learned from our clients was amazing. The Docparser team took client feedback and incorporated it into a more robust knowledge base, improved api documentation, app interface improvements, and an enriched feature extraction tool set.

and Today...

Founded by Moritz Dausinger (CEO of mailparser.io), Docparser is headquartered in Paris, France with core team members in several locations around the Globe. The Docparser team has extensive experience working with clients ranging from CTO’s, & Support Analysts, to non-technical types that need step-by-step assistance. Our PDF to Text conversion opportunities, allow you to streamline your workflow, and potentially eliminate any manual data entry. Whether you want to download the parsed data, connect via api or automate with our integration options, we’ve got you covered.